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What if you live in a high-rise apartment? Does that does not mean you can’t have your own fresh herbs?

Growing herbs in pots

This is an easy way of creating a beautiful indoor landscape on a sunny kitchen windowsill, which is a perfect place to successfully grow some of your favorite herbs. A creative window box or hanging basket can turn a corner of the apartment into a beautiful conversation piece in an flash. And, the truth be told, growing herbs in pots is no anymore difficult then growing other house plants.  It’s a matter of knowing their requirements and being diligent in their care.

All plants need some variation of sun soil and water and herbs are no exception. Sunlight is the key to growing every type of plant, including herbs, whether they are grown indoors or out.   Herbs placed in a pot with a southern or western facing window will get the proper amount of sunlight.   Growing sage has different sunlight requirements than dill or chives but, for the most part, all need a good amount of sun for healthy growth .  Then there are “grow lamps” to supplement the need if natural light is inadequate.

As to the soil you use, it is primary that it drain well to prevent root rot.   This is easily achieved by mixing two parts of a peat rich potting soil with one part coarse sand or perlite for herbs with about an inch of gravel at the bottom of the container to assure proper drainage.   A teaspoon of lime, per 5-inch pot, should be added to this mix make the soil sweet enough for herbs.

Watering lightly 2 – 3 times a week and  misting in between, to give them a nice slightly humid condition, is enough to keep them from developing rot.   Since a pot will hold water more than the soil in a garden, it is necessary to be observant and avoid letting the roots get soaked or waterlogged. Never forget well draining soil!

The advantages of growing herbs in pots are numerous.

You can move them about as you please, it adds aroma to the room, herbs are a unique type of house plant, etc.   Annual herbs can stay indoors all year long but, perennial will do better if placed outside during the summer and brought indoors before the first frost.   This does not apply to mints, chives or tarragon as they will form firmer and fresher growth after being exposed to a light frost. Whether it is for the beauty, the aroma or for the quick access for a recipe, there are many reasons to cultivate a garden of herbs in containers

Although all herbs can be grown in pots , some do better than others such as mint or oregano. Left alone in a garden, these two can take over a corner of any garden but are easily controlled in a container while adding something different to your apartment.   Gardening herbs in pots indoors is a fairly easy task with no special requirements. And besides, it keeps your culinary herbs within reach anytime you need them for your fapicture of growing herbs in potsvorite meal.

Properly caring for your herbs ensures a healthy plant. Prudence will give you a continuous harvest of your herbs which will keep them robust giving you more supply for you next recipe.  It is no secret that pruning plants encourages new growth.  Periodic light feeding and yearly re-potting will produce the most healthy herbs. So use them in your recipes, store them and give them away to friends. Growing herbs in pots is the easiest way to begin gardening herbs.