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Bark chippings are essential garden mulch

Bark mulch has now become a staple of the gardener’s armory against some of the more common gardening problems.

Weed problems are greatly curtailed using bark as a solution.

When weeds are eliminated before the mulch is spread, they shouldn’t come back with so much ferocity.

Bark chippings are great for preventing water loss in soil

This can dramatically reduce the amount of water that your garden needs. Bark chips provide a layer of insulation to the substrate minimizing evaporation from both the sun and wind.

Bark chippings mixed in with clay soils will help loosened its density.

Making the soil more friable is a key to successful gardening, allowing it to be more easily worked.

One of the more overlooked but obvious aspects of bark mulch is that it is decorative. There are many different kinds of bark used for decorative purposes, including maple, pine as well as other species.

Decorative bark can be used throughout the garden – in the vegetable and herb garden, in the flower garden and at the base of trees. As a decoration, adding bark mulch along driveways and walkways and plant borders is particularly attractive.

Ordering decorative bark chippings online can be a great time and energy saver.

Having it delivered to your door can eliminate a lot of additional backache considering the size and bulk of the bags. There will be enough back-breaking in spreading it around your gardens.