Become an Herbal Gardener
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Creating an herb garden is probably the easiest way to begin gardening.

Herb Garden in Decorative Gift Basket

Herb Garden in Decorative Gift Basket


No matter where you live (unless it is under a rock) starting an herb garden is as simple as going to your grocery’s produce section, picking up a pre-planted basil or dill or parsley plant, getting a pot, putting some soil in it, giving it some water and setting it near a window to give it sunlight. It can be that simple to get started.

If you want be a little more adventurous get some seeds instead and plant them. Most seeds will sprout withing a week or two and you will have started.

  • There is always something more to learn about herb gardening and trying to determine where and how to start can be a bit perplexing, so start with a quick “Primer on Herb Garden How To Information”.
  • Of course there is a bit more to learn about growing herbs than just basic information, but that information is here within your reach. If you are still questioning how and where to start, then read more here at “Are You Ready to Start an Herb Garden?”
  • Once you have decided you want to start growing herbs, you may still be left with the dilemma of planting indoors or out. This article on the secrets of growing herbs in containers should help you answer your next question.
  • Did you know that there are places to find herb kits? Herbal kits can be bought as culinary kits, medicinal kits and herbal tea kits or if you have a favorite herb (mine is tarragon) you can find individual herbs of your choice.
  • Did I hear you say Oh!? is there a difference between one herb and another, more than a name and a taste? Let’s then expand on your primary knowledge and investigate about “The Classification of Herb Plants”. There are more uses for herbs than simply cooking!
  • Although herbs can be distinguished by their several classifications, “Culinary Herbs” are the most common way of using herbs. Have you ever wondered why Italian cuisine is so exquisite? The Italians have not only been cultivating their cooking for centuries, but they have made an art of it. Did you know that there are over 50 herbs regularly used in Italian recipes from appetizers to desserts and you can find out about the primary herbs at “An Italian Herb Garden” or go into a greater understanding by reading “52 Commonly Used Italian Herbs for Your Garden”
  • Have I whetted your appetite yet on growing your own herb garden? There is still more to learn. How much water is right for each of your herbs? Read more at “How Much Water Does Your Herb Need”.
  • And then there is more to learn about how to properly harvest your herbs at “Putting Your Herb Garden to Good Use”. It is not enough to grow and nurture your herbs, there will come the time when you want to use them and there are a few very important secrets to learn.
  • Most herbs are not stand alone foods, they are used to enhance and layer the flavors of other foods, be they meat or vegetables and that takes us into another of the classifications of herbs – Herbal Medicines. While herbs were initially used as culinary herbs, our ancestors soon found out how much better they began to feel after using some of the thousands of herbs useful a medicines.

Organic gardening is not a more expensive way to buy groceries at your local store, it is a way of life.

English: A garden growing medicinal herbs of N...

English: A garden growing medicinal herbs of Na Wa Public hospital, Nakhon Phanom province, Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One last thing, before you begin reading more, is about doing all of this naturally. And one that should be adopted by everyone, not because I say so but because it is the better way of doing things. Create your own compost, even if you live in the heart of NYC or LA or wherever. Treat your environment with the love and respect you demand for yourself. Don’t sit on the sidelines and expect others to do your share. All of us will benefit exponentially by the efforts of each of us.

There is much to learn about how to create a successful herb garden and to maintain it.

The best way to learn is to just jump in and begin. I have put together a lot of information here on growing herbs and I have tried to make it as comprehensive and readable as I could. I invite you to return often, going through the articles.

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